Having been an animator for many years with my projects I've established a bit of a backlog of storyboards for various projects. I've arranged these with descriptions of the sequences and my reasoning behind them, by project, below:

Junky Towers (2019)

This is a short storyboard sequence from a short film called Junky Towers that I'm currently developing. The film has no dialog and a focus on character animation through physical humor. The following sequence is at the start of the film showing the main character, Mohawk, and there morning routine introducing the audience to themselves and their junk yard surroundings.

POV Shot: Stars in the sky, gently shining.
POV Shot: Mohawk's hand enters frame and cups a star, showing Mohawks interest in space.
Extreme Long shot: Surroundings revealed. It appears to be a large junkyard and Mohawk is relaxing on top of a filthy looking caravan.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk's arm relaxes and rest on their chest.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk breathes in.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk sighs out, showing a sence of longing or dissatisfaction.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk sits, turns around and reaches for something.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk pulls a hatch on the roof of the caravan open.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk climbs down through the hatch.
Extreme Long shot: Whilst the shot remains the same a hard cut to morning reveals the sun rising.
Extreme Long shot: An alarm is heard going off inside the caravan.
Close up: Mohawk's face is center frame. Clearly being rudely woken up.
Close up shot: Mohawk lets out a tired sound as they awaken, clearly not all that rested.
Close up shot: Mohawk turns looking off screen, annoyed.
Long shot: Shot outside the caravan, the window is open.
Long shot: A still ringing alarm clock gets thrown through the open open.
Long shot: The alarm clock lands off screen, the ringing stops. It's safe to assume it's broken.
Long panning shot shot: A slow panning shot right to left of the interior of the caravan. Mohawk is seen leaning on the window sill, probably looking at where the alarm clock landed.
Long panning shot: Mohawk turns back to the interior of the caravan.
Long panning shot: Mohawk gets out of bed fully and stretches.
Long panning shot: Mohawk begins walking towards the bathroom, clearly enjoying the results of the morning stretch.
Long panning shot: They turn on the tap, water begins filling the sink basin as Mohawk leans on the shower wall.
Long panning shot: Mohawk faces the sink and braces themselves raising themselves up.
Long panning shot: Mohawk slams their head into the full basin, getting water everywhere and soaking their heads.
Long panning shot: They continue to walk to the left of the shot, hair dump and unnamused.
Long panning shot: They enter the living room/kitchen areas of the caravan. Their hair begins drying.
Long panning shot: Mohawk continues towards the fridge, hair pretty much dry now.
Long panning shot: Upon reaching the fridge Mohawk both begins to open it and lean down and pick up their backpack.
Long panning shot: Picking up the backpack Mohawk begins rummaging in the fridge.
Long panning shot: Mohawk begins swining around whilst still rummaging in the fridge. The pan has slow down and now appears to be travelling back the way it came.
Long panning shot: Turning back towards the way they came, Mohawk pulls out a sandwich and appears overjoyed. They also very smoothly close the fridge door with their foot, as if they've done this a lot.
Long panning shot: Quickly eating the sandwich Mohawk travels back towards the door seen earlier.
Long panning shot: Mohawk reaches the door and faces it whilst putting one arm through the backpack strap.
Long panning shot: Then the other strap.
Long panning shot: Finally Mohawk reaches for the door.
Extreme Long shot: Same shot from earlier, Caravan door begins opening. Mohawk is looking around a little on guard.
Extreme Long shot: Door fully open, Mohawk is looking the other way.
Extreme Long shot: Happy with that Mohawk happily lifts there leg to step outside proper.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk steps outside with no issues.
Extreme Long shot: Takes a deep breath in, ready to face the day.
Extreme Long shot: Unfortunately Mohawk lives in a horrible junk yard and the air is gross, causing Mohawk to cough comically.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk covers their mouth and nose.
Extreme Long shot: Leaning back they begin rummaging around the inside of the doorway clearly trying to retrieve something.
Extreme Long shot: leaning back, Mohawk fills out a make-shift breathing mask. They pull the elastic comically far around their head.
Extreme Long shot: Letting go the mask snaps to Mohawk's face.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk takes another breath in, testing the mask.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawks hand raises giving a thumbs up, showing the mask works.
Extreme Long shot: Leaning forward they kick the caravan door close.
Extreme Long shot: Mohawk begins walking to the right.
Establishing shot: The camera fades showing even more of Mohawk's surroundings, which is still a never ending junk yard.
Establishing Long shot: The camera fades even further out showing the curve of the earth, with nothing but junk and rubbish as far as the eye can see.