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23/07/2017 : Almost a year later
Wow, you thought it took me awhile to update before. So Let's do an update.

I think in my last update I mentioned that I'm doiing a masters degree in Animation Production at AUB. So far I've really enjoyed it, makes me think I can actually turn 100 Worlds Away into a thingy. But like. I mean. A thing.
Actually it's kinda been my focus for this year of my masters. I've been teaching myself the use of ToonBoom Harmony. Leanred how to write better. And have been creating and refining both a pitch bible and a pitch presentation. Here's some pictures from the pitch bible:

A lot of the designs here aren't final but yeah. PROGRESS.

You'll also note that the long standing CRUNK logo at the top of the page has changed. Well a lot of reason fore that.

I think CRUNK is done.

See I started it without really thinking through the plot or the characters. I made jokes about that fact in the later pages of the series. I don't think the idea is dead. In fact I know it's not. See I've reworked it and now I actually have a plan, and characters and junk. That said it is no longer my focus. Getting 100 Worlds Away off the ground is.

So yeah.

I'm gonna by skittles now and do some paid work.

05/10/2016 : Wow I don't update this a lot
Okay, should probably keep this short. 100 Worlds Away episode 0 is out now, click the image to see it:

It was a LOOOOOOONNNNGGG process but there, it's done. A good learning experience to be sure and I would do things very differently now, but that's the nature of these things. Speaking of learning, SEGWAY.

I've started doing a Masters in Animation Production at Arts University Bournemouth which I hear is a good place to do it. It's a very professional environment, very different from Worcester where I did my Bachelors of Arts in Animation. My ultimate goal for this coming year is to get to grips with ToonBoom Harmony and learn the ins and outs of running and studio and being a producer. All in the hopes of achieving my dream of owning and running my own studio that produces it's own orginal content for the internet.

Oh btw, CRUNK is updating again. Click the giant logo at the top of this page to see the latest update.


29/01/2016 : Gotta keep this short
Okay so I'm like EVEN more busy than the last time I was busy. That was baby busy and this is like baby busy... if the baby had been dealifting it's parents for 5 years...

And it's only a year old.


That's right from the very start. The reason? Well I was suffering badly from depression and having breakdowns and the sheer workload needed for the orginal pilot was/is insane. So I decided, after re-watching the Adventure Time pilot episode, to rethink my approach. See orginally I had planned to explain everything about Griffin, FLIT, her dad's, Mora freaking everything. But I really didn't need to. It's narratively more interesting in this case to not know from the get go. And thus, new script (much more manageable length), new voice actors (Shannon and Georgia) new everythang.

And it's progressing really damn quickly. I mean I've written the script, got the voice work done, created the master audio file to animate from, done a animatic of the whole episode and created the backgrounds for every shot learning a new programme in the process (Manga Studio, big ups to OneyNG for his tutorials). ENJOY SOME PREVIEW SHOTS!

So yeah I also submitted this pilot to a BBC competition called ANIM8 (terrible name I know). I should find out if I've made it to the 2nd stage on the 5th. Should I win I think the BBC will aid me in the creation of this show, which is bananas. *Edit: I didn't win. D:

In other news I now have a temp job. Only took me a year and half to get one. I currently work at a local school which is... neat? Actually it's not neat at all. It's like neat's incestual cousin whom tends to reorganise your books in a way that like, makes no sense what so fucking ever.

And yes CRUNK is going to be slow going as I work on this. It's not gone forever though. c:

Also I just had a lovely day in Worcester seeing a bunch of my old university animation buddies whom I miss immeasurably.


19/10/2015 : The BUSY just won't stop
Greeting fellow guardians of desk chairs or chairs being used as a desk chairs, or a bed if you have a laptop... or no chair if you have one of those standing desks 'cus you're just too good for that sitting down malarky.

So yes, again it's been awhile and yes I'm still crazy busy, in theory.

Tends to be something I notice, I form a checklist of things I need to get done that day, and then I basically totally fail to do all of them. BUT I DO DO SOME OF THEM! So point there. The points of life, which I'm loosing drastically at. I mean shit you're atleast 34 steps ahead of me you cunning cow man (I assume all my readers are cow people, it's safer that way.)

So lets dodge me being a rambling panda for once and cut to the meat of it. What meat? The meat called "man am I failing to do the thing I said I would do no less than one sentence ago."

2D Character Animation showreel 2015

Quite proud of this one. I think it came out very well. Took a decent amount of time to. And yes you can see some scenes from the WIP pilot episode of 100 Worlds Away. Which is still progressing but damn slowly as I look for a job and a place to live.

3D Character Animation showreel 2015

I'll admit this is less good. Mostly because I had less to work with. I generally prepher 2D Animation but whilst in university I did do some messing around in Maya as a part of one of my modules. I found I picked it up quicker than most of my class but frankly I just adore 2D animation to much. She is but a seductress in silken drapes. Myes.

Other than those things work continues on 100 Worlds Away, but punishingly slowly. Which I don't mind telling you is driving me actually insane. As opposed to my regular insanity which is atleast something I CHOOSE to do/be. You may also notice the redesign of my logo to a rainbow swirly lighting bolt, they're meant to symbolise energy and weirdness which are two traits I always hope to encompass.

I'm also still looking for that job away from this small town with naught but coffee and charity shops in it. It's actually starting to depress me but I'm trying to keep my head above water. The water of "why the freckly buns am I so darn tired today?" The search commenses later this week in South Hampton where two of my good friends current reside. I wish to join them. I kinda miss my friends.

A lot.

Anyway to prevent this ending on a downer. Ya'll played Undertale? It's fantastic.


08/09/2015 : Busy busy busy.
HOKAY! Oh hey, didn't see you there, because I was working on junk.

So okay let me go over some things with you, dear reader of my ramblings. Firstly, why no CRUNK updates? Well as of right now CRUNK is at a perfect point for a hiatus for awhile. We reached the end of the first intermission and are poised to dive into chapter 2. Got it planned and everything... well as much as I plan these things. So why haven't I moved the story into chapter 2 yet? Well read on.

I recently got in contact with a young man called Beldrama who has commissioned me to create ALL the art assets for a game he's making called, Cup of Space. It's been interesting work and nice to draw cute things nearly every day. Here's some images I've created for the game thus far:

So that's what I've been doing every weekday, Monday to Friday. But what of the weekends? Those great pillars of "chill". Well I've been working on 100 Worlds Away is progressing... just very slowly. Procrastination my eternal french lover (french?). Never the less it is progressing and as proof here are some previews of my work so far on scene 1:

This is now fullied coloured, slightly out of date preview.

Hopefully these look impressive.

But yeah, busy busy busy of late.

One last thing, my email has changed. My new email for contact me is irregularcharlie@gmail.com. Also my old email appears to have been spoofed, so keep your eyes all eye like.

16/06/2015 : CRUNK Updates?
HOKAY! So I probably got some explaining to do. In fact I know I do. I feel it in my soul... which I keep safely tucked away between my toes, 'cus ain't nobody going near those failed feet fingers.

So here is the thing that is happening currently. To prepare for the mammoth undertaking that is ep.0 of 100 Worlds Away (in which the audio alone is over 20mins long) I used a week and a half to quickly put together a part for the latest LockLegion musical collab. The song was "The Boys are Back in Town" by "Thin Lizzy". I got the last part of the collab and also the longest part, but this suited me fine. As I was producing this part I took afew preview shots which you can see bellow:

The primary reason I did this collab part was to get me back into the swing of things for 100 Worlds Away which I now feel I have a clearer idea of how to handle. Anyway before I continue to ramble here is a link to my collab part in it's entirety. LE AFORMENTIONED LINK.

So one last thing to add before I finish this post. I will soon be creating schedule for the production of 100 Worlds Away and CRUNK. My plan will be something like, half of the week I work on 100 Worlds Away, then the next half CRUNK. This may mean that CRUNK updates will be coming out considerably slower then what I would like but it's been that way for awhile now. None of my projects are just stopping though. c:

Let's hope I can keep all this in the air.

21/05/2015 : So Uni work got done.
Told you it'd be forever before I updated the news section of my site. Hopefully that was not a thing you doubted. Hopefully you've learn if this wasn't already very apparent that I am a man whom is easily distracted.

So basically, this is what I've been doing for months described to you in text form.

"Okay so this should be fairly straight forward to do."
Go into university.
Find out a bunch of stuff I expected to work doesn't
Okay, go home and re-plan.
Re-plan... which is the same as the old plan.
Go into university, shit works this time.
the result:

Not my best work
Glad it's over...
*basically Charlie spends 3 months dicking around*

So yes, finally got that noise out of the way. Which has lead to the explosion of productivity. Hence my new avarta and some other drawings. Take a look bellow:

So I made this to get back in the swing of it, used it breifly as my facebook icon. Then I changed it... may change it again.
This was the result of a request from a good friend Anna. She wanted a new icon like my then new one. So then I was like, okay. And then I did. Cearly this is just the start to an epic tale to rival Ulysses, which shows how much I've read Ulysses because it's not really an "epic" novel.

So I've also been working on 100 World's Away and CRUNK again. Thank the various gods for that because during those 3 months of university work I developed quite a MIGHTY NEED. I won't post the obvious Invader Zim gif here. I don't doubt you can find it being the space cowboy you clearly are. Go hog tie some serious search engine results, only don't because there's more to this post.
I've realised that I've actually improved my writing chops since I first started CRUNK. Not an insubstantial amount actually. Which of course has filled me to the brim with a burning desire to go back over the entire first Chapter again and re-do it from stratch. Which is of course maddness. I did however mark out the chapters visually in the story. Check it out when you got time, CRUNK just got bookmarks. We're currently in Act 0 Intermission 1 which happens to be FAR better then Chapter 1. Which kind of both rock and sucks.
I also created some more sprites to use during the story as using sprites drastically saves on time and I'm already using them. I already had the Astrid and Tram ones from Chapter 1 but I figure it's best to try do as many as I can right? Anyway check them out bellow:

Okay we're almost done here just a few more things to mention.
100 Worlds Away is progressing and it by far and away (see what I did there) is going to be a longest animation I've ever done. Missing afew key sounds from some voice actors currently but they're on the case. c:

I may very well figure out soon how to make post a make on tumblr appear on here as new news posts. Which would cut down on typing out these damn posts dramatically. So dramatically that they pitch themselves a fit during an over the top shakespearian death scene on a stage and lit the whole room on fire with self aggrandising tears. Or something.


26/02/2015 : Todays my B-Day
So today is birthday. 22 Years ago today the world began it's long peroid of endurance.

I'll update with gifts in abit, I know folks like that kind of junk. I assume these are the same folks whom like watching unboxing videos.

Freaks is what I'm getting at.

Right so here we go folks. Times for a look at my real life face and birthday gifts. Ahead of time I apologise for basically always looking possessed. I can assure you this is only because I am.

So here we are. The first of the picture proofs that I am the least photogenic person ever. Still on the left you'll see one of my favourite books of all time, Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by Cory O'Brien. This was the book that at 3am me and my old house mates Hannah and Ed would stay up laughing so hard our sick totes awesome abs would ache verily.
In my right hand you'll see the Hyperbole and a Half book by Allie Brosh. Hyperbole and a Half being a website with some of the funniest personal stories from Allie's life you'll ever here. Mostly because I'm sure the majority of you don't know the ins and outs of her personal life. And why would you? You creep. God. Who would even you be.


My achilles heel.

On my stems you'll see a board game I've never heard of but sounds interesting based on Cornish Smugglers. Which is a thing all Cornish people are. Smugglers. Of love.

Here we have me looking devious. Because of course I now am the proud owner of a fox onesie. In which I will steal from the rich, and give the slightly poorer... namely me. Untill I become rich and have to steal from myself. Then I develope split personality disorder and frame myself for murder. Long story short I end of saving the universe nextdoor using a spoon, 3 jugs of glitter and a chainsaw made of conception.

And finally we have the hand made boots with the beautifull Adventure Time stylings all of it. For those not in the know, Adventure Time is among my favourite shows of all time.

There are more gifts but ehhhhh, typing.

Sorry for my face, I swear I look okay some times. D:

The gallery has been update with some more pictures. 100 World's Away is progressing steadily with me having got all the required voice work from various indivuals whom did a fantastic job. CRUNK is also continueing to be updated but a tad slower than I'd like as I'm very busy currently juggling university work, 100 World's Away and other matters...




06/12/2014 : Damn Dragon Age you anti-productive
Sooooooo, Dragon Age Inquisition came out recently and I decided that I would play through all of the Dragon Age games with new characters. I'm finally back onto Inquisition after about a week of Orgins, Awakening and Dragon Age 2. This is the primary reason they updates have been basically non-exsistance. My bad dawgs. Dragon's gotta be slain and junk. Also Templar barstools. Because seriously who actually sided with the Templars? I mean really. They are the biggest butts. And not in the good way.

So what's in the works i hear you say through the power of the internet. WELP, I've been struggling to find work for about half a year now and I'm kind of sick of waiting around for the job I want to come in, so I'm planning to after christmas go into full production on my own pilot episode of a cartoon I want to make called 100 Worlds Away. The events in 100 Worlds Away are a direct result of the events that will play out in CRUNK. Same universe (kind of) yo. I'm currently in the auditioning process and hopefully I'll have the lines recorded before christmas so I can focus on the animation itself. Really hopeing it gets picked up because that would rock all my socks.

I've also been doing drawing requests for members of the LockLegion which can be viewed on my gallery. I'll be updating the gallery with the rest of the Locks soonish. After the Lock request I've still got some art requests from non-Locks so expect a lot of drawings to come.

Kinda wish I had more to talk about.

Maybe during the production of 100 Worlds Away.

Or you know... in another 3 months. LE WONK. ;)

08/09/2014 : TOOT TOOT, here cometh an update
Right well that wacky thing called life has been happening since our last update. I by "our" i mean "my."

Language you fickle beast.

Okay news item number one, I passed my driving test on my first try, whoop whoop. Also as a side note, driving in the UK is stupid hard. It's like Hard failed so bad he dropped out of the education system all together. Hard actually fell so far he came all the way round again and is now considered smart as Shit. And Shit, if you didn't know, is DAMN smart.
Anyway I made this to celebrate, larger version can be viewed by clicking the image:

CRUNK is now over 300 pages long which is cause for if not celebration, then some light fist bumping from the 3 people that care.

Also in reguards to CRUNK I've finally done the stainglassed background image for the main CRUNK page I've been working on. I'm some what proud of how it came out. I may also begin work on creating background for CRUNK proper that change based on what character is currently being followed. But yeah the stained glass bacjground image features some character you've yet to see in CRUNK so if you're interested, give it a gander.

So now I've done 2 of the 4 things I deicded I needed to do this summer, the last two being go see my friend Suzy (whoses lovely and deserves your kindly wirtten words of encouragement) and get a job... that I won't/don't hate.

More updates later you crazy cow folks. ;D

14/08/2014 : Aaaaannnnd we're back
And by "we're" I mean "me"... or actually "I'm" if you want to be precise.

Yep seems the website is in working order and the CRUNK pages are all sorted. Big thanks to Tom Newton for taking time out of his own day to aid me with this silly website. He gets all the ups, all of them.

And seeing as CRUNK is back in business I do believe it's high time for an update. ;D

Pages 256-260, click the image bellow to jump to page 256:

29/07/2014 : Sometimes, websites just won't behave
Welp like my previous update mentioned, the new site still needs some tweeks.
Most of it is in working order, the only real issue current is getting the CRUNK pages sorted.
The cursed save and load buttons are on the fritz and so most of my time is spent quizzing people with far more knowledge about coding than idea for a fix.

Still work in progress.

That said I haven't been doing nothing.
Recently a very dear friend of mine came round a recorded a lovely song using my microphone and PC.
I liked it so much I made her a picture to use as a cover for the song. Click the image bellow to see the full sized version:

Not satisfied I then went a made her an animated background to use on a youtube version of her song, which ya'll eyes can feast on by clicking the link bellow:
Grace Gallagher - Sweet Infatuation

Currently my main focus is getting my drivers lisence and finding a job that won't make me wonna pull out my magical double ended hippo and puke rainbows on my enemies.
More updates to come. ;D

27/06/2014 : A new layout?
Well looky here.
A wild new layout approaches you.
It seems like a timid beast.
Probably easily beaten by some small insults about its weight. Did I mention it's over weight? Because it totally is. It's practically bursting the seams with coding that barely works. Fit to rupture at the most simplistic click on an unintentional button. Still you hath decided it probably best not to rip in this shy creature to much. Instead you throw a metallic ball at it and clock it in the face. You then use it to fight other layouts. Clearly the smart thing to do.
The metaphor got lost somewhere along the way here.

So yes, the sites been revamped. Took awhile but I'm kind of happy with how it turn out. Still needs a fair bit of testing though, not entirely sure everything is working as intended. Let me know if you find anything off. This is a rather large departure from the old method of creating and maintaining my site in which I primarily used Adobe Muse. The advantage of that program is that it requires every little coding know-how and is thus perfect for small portfollio sites. However when you're pushing 260+ pages, it's gonna die. Hence I entirely recreated this site using Adobe Dreamweaver and thus had to teach myself html and css which was online possible due to the fantastic tutorials over at the codecademy.
So yay, let us all get on a fun train to stupid town.
CRUNK is now over 250 pages long which is clearly a lovely thing but I don't intend to celebrate until I hit 500 pages... then a 1000. Another import thing to happen in CRUNK was the animation I completed for page 235 which also tied into my university final piece. Two birds, one stone and all that. What those two birds are doing with that one stone I'll never know. They are very secretive duo. Never the less I again utilised the lovely vibrating particles of Squarion, whom hath been gracious enough to allow me to use their music. Lo' I made him a picture.
Since that animation I've introduced a new as of yet unnamed character. He/she is unique in the sense that YOU can directly affect her actions. Simply leave suggests in the comments section of a page and he/she will hear your suggestions as strange voices in his/her head.

In other news I've finished university AT LEAST I THOUGHT I HAD.
So yesterday something came up which basically means, I'm not getting my degree when I should. I would go into details but the whole scenario is just depressing. Needless to say however, past Charlie will always be holding the gold in "decisions that will annoy the fuck out of present Charlie."

And don't even get me started on future Charlie.
With his weight lose, beautifull body and moves like jagger.
Fuck that guy.
I'm gonna purposely make bad decisions I may one day regret purely so he has to deal with it, asshole.
In any case now I begin the difficult quest of getting a job and being an adult. I had no training for this step in the rigged game of life. I still don't know how to tickle myself. I'm fairly sure that's something most adults know how to do.

I've also managed to beat my addiction to Coca-Cola by the looks of it. I know it sounds odd but it's an addiction I've had for 9 years usually having at least 2 bottles of Coca-Cola zero daily. Strangely though I've replaced it with semi-skimmed milk, which is lovely by the way.
More updates to come. ;D