Howdy folks!

You clicked the "about" button on a website called "" so I'm pretty sure I need not tell you my name. But I will anyway because the egotistical squirrel that is my totem spirit demands it.

My name is IrregularCharlie, whimsical vagabond, consumer of conceptual porridge, tickler of the tender toes of tiny rainbows and he whom buys real estate in imaginary places. and I'm a currently a make up wearing man boy whose feeble attempts at growing a hearty beard have failed remarkably time and time again. Hence my artsy chin scruff.

I'm 23 years old, English, and up to my human nipples in dirty super secret pirate side quests. Of course the fact that I stubbornly refuse to look down has blessed me with the ability to ignore all that work, and instead create a poorly made website. A website which is always being updated due to my unfortunate quest for impossible perfection. Impossible because perfect is in itself impossible and because my own idea of perfection constantly changes.

I've been an active member of the internet for many an age now... 9 years.

I started out on a website called which was a surprisingly good place to spend my teenage years. I say that because it's the place I got my first girlfriend, made lots of contacts and learned that being an agsty prick doesn't mean folks will like you. All lessons well learnt. Instead I bloomed out of my teenage years onto youtube, as the strange haired, make up wearing man boy you see now.

Admittedly some would see this as a step backwards and a complete abuse of the term "bloomed."

Still I continue in my endless quest to somehow turn myself into an "internet entrepreneur" via blasting my horribly mutated creations all over the internet whilst kidding myself that what this doesn't metaphorically say is
though secretly hoping for attention.

At time of writing this my main project is my CRUNK webcomic and trying to find some sort of employment so I may continue to feast. CRUNK is viewable from the project tab up the top of the page and is basically my obsession. I keep worrying that all my friends will hate me long before I'm done with it.
Because I don't stop thinking about it...

No really...

At this point I'm running out of things to type about and so I will add a tl;dr segment.

Tl;dr = I'm a whimsical vagabond on the internet.

I'm also available for hire, by all means email me if you have a project you'd
like for me to get involved with.